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We love comics! They're highly woven into many of our books and some of our characters share the same love. So we wanted to give readers a brief guide/starting point if you're looking to dive into comics for the first time. Because it can be daunting! And confusing. We're here to help. This is a huge page with lots of info, so you'll need to keep scrolling to find the different topics :)

On this page you'll find the following topics (click a topic to jump to it): 

  1. Becca's Comic Book Guide & Recommendations for First Time Readers

  2. Reading Order for New Mutants & New X-Men

  3. Reading Order for All-New X-Men & Uncanny X-Men

  4. Reading Order for X-23 / Laura Kinney Comics (Lily Calloway's favorite X-Man!)

  5. How to Read Comics: Crossover Events vs Non-Crossover Events

  6. Krista's Comic Book Recommendations

  7. Intro into X-Men Blue and Gold (most current X-Men lines!)

​1. Becca's Comic Book Guide & Recommendations for First Time Readers

Comic #1

I am full of comic book suggestions. I love to give them, and I know figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Good thing: Marvel has revamped a lot of their lines so it’s become very, very easy to jump in. I’ll talk about the easiest way to jump in at the end. BEWARE THIS WILL BE LONG! 

I mostly read X-Men (sometimes Avengers Academy or Young Avengers, since it focuses on younger superheroes). So my suggestions will be based on X-Men comics. If you’re not into X-Men, the best series I can suggest would be Runaways, which is fantastic and the characters have shown up again in a series called Avengers Arena (which is pretty much Hunger Games…this might not be satisfying if you don’t know some of the characters prior to reading, so I wouldn’t suggest starting with it). 

Runaways: You can start with Volume 1 and continue on, Volume 2, 3, etc. It’s about a group of teenagers who realize they all have something in common, their parents are villains! It’s really awesome. 

Now if you want to read X-Men, this is where things get a little tricky. There are multiple lines in Earth 616, but which ones do you actually read? And how do you even follow them? Luckily they’re all compiled into trade paperbacks unless you’ve caught up to the current comics which are published issue-by-issue. This can be a little pricey, which is why I subscribe to Marvel digital comics online. Specifically Marvel Unlimited – It’s different than just buying digital. It’s a subscription so you pay either monthly or annually. Marvel Unlimited has a huge database of comics, but it’s also about 6 months behind the current lines. If you’re a new comic reader, it’d take you probably forever to catch up, so Marvel Unlimited is for you. (UPDATE: There is also Comixology which now offers a subscription that includes Marvel, DC, Image Comics, and others publishers!)

I haven’t read many comics before 2000 – what I have read of the older comics was for college (I was an English major and took a comic book course). I totally prefer 2000 - current time because it’s just what I’ve read most – so most of my suggests won’t contain older comics. 

I also gravitate towards the younger mutants, so my biggest and grandest and ultimate suggestion: start with New Mutants Volume 1 and work your way up. For me, this was so satisfying. It’s a great jumping off point because Marvel introduces you to generations of mutants in a way that’s very, very easy to understand for someone coming in knowing very little. You’ll also grow attached to many, many mutants too. 

New Mutants / New X-Men (Reading Order): The New Mutants (Dani Moonstar, Cannonball, etc) are one generation above the New X-Men (Hellion, Pixie, etc) and they teach the New X-Men at the school. Cyclops is the headmaster! What?! Awesome, right? However, during this time Marvel did something a little strange and stopped calling it New X-Men and reverted back to New Mutants. It’s one reason why comics can be a bit hard to follow.  

This is the reading order. It’s YEARS of comics, so think of each volume like 1 full novel. It won’t take you as long to read though. By reading here and onward, your reading experience will be the best. You won’t miss any major crossover events, and you’ll have a really good understanding of what’s happened in X-Men history by the time you read the comics being published now.

(FOR INFO TO NEW MUTANTS & NEW X-MEN SCROLL DOWN TO NEXT TOPIC - I also detail issues-by-issues so it’ll be easy for you to follow where to go next, no matter how you read them, by paperback or by Marvel Unlimited.)

  • New Mutants Vol. 1: Back to School - this’ll introduce you to the generation that were once taught by Cyclops but now become the teachers. Aka Dani Moonstar and company. If you can’t find this comic, it’s totally possible to just start at Vol. 2. I know this one is hard to find. 

  • New Mutants Vol. 2 

  • New X-Men: Academy X Vol. 1: Choosing Sides - now you’re going to meet new students for the VERY FIRST time. These are the first time these mutants ever appear in the whole universe (it’s a special moment and you’ll grow to love most of them - like a love triangle between a girl who can’t control her pheromones, a guy who has the power to heal and a guy who has the power to kill.)

  • New X-Men: Academy X Vol. 2: Haunted

  • New X-Men: Hellions

  • New X-Men: Academy X Vol. 3: X-Posed

  • House of M: New X-Men - (House of M) this is a major crossover event and important to the entire world, which means that it ties into ALL of the lines that are happening simultaneously just focusing on different characters (like Uncanny X-Men) so you should read the one that has all of the issues. If you read them digitally, usually they’ll tell you which issue comes next and where you can find it. But these are worth buying in paperback. The artists change from different issues so it may be jarring your first time reading a crossover event, but it’s worth it. (Personally House of M is not my favorite bc it focuses more on the original sets of X-Men and at this time, I grew really fond of the new ones, but it changes everything and is super important – to where I’d say it’s not optional) - note: when reading giant crossover events, you’ll want to read the ENTIRE volume, not just the New X-Men comics or whatever comics pertain to your line. Crossovers mean that multiple lines are integrated together. Think of it like The Flash & Arrow on tv integrating during 2 episodes. You’d need to watch both The Flash & Arrow for the crossover to make sense. Same goes for shows like Chicago PD & Chicago Fire crossover events. So for comics, you can’t just read House of M: New X-Men, you have to read the entire trade paperback (or all the issues in the order that they tell you, if you’re reading digital - the easiest place to find the order is by looking at Amazon’s trade paperback and they’ll tell you which issues are in the pb and usually in the right order). It’ll be about 170 pages or so. Usually single issues are around 18-23 pages.

  • New X-Men: Childhood’s End, Vol. 1

  • New X-Men: Childhood’s End, Vol. 2: Crusade

  • New X-Men: Childhood’s End, Vol. 3: Nimrod

  • New X-Men: Childhood’s End, Vol. 4: Mercury Falling

  • New X-Men: Childhood’s End, Vol. 5: Quest for Magik

  • (NOTE) – by this point you should’ve read New X-Men Issues 20 - 43 before the next huge crossover event below.  

  • X-Men: Messiah Complex - my absolute favorite crossover event ever. It’s brilliant.

  • New Mutants: Return of Legion - now we focus back on the older generation with Dani Moonstar and company.

  • New Mutants: Necrosha - this is part of a crossover event. 

  • X-Necrosha - more from the Necrosha crossover event. 

  • X-Men: Second Coming - this is one of my favorites and talks about the same issues that Messiah Complex did. This was the first crossover event I ever read. I was completely and totally confused, but when I went back and reread it after going in the order above, I understood everything :) The importance of going in order! 

  • New Mutants: Fall of the New Mutants - I LOVE this one. It’s really the last big event for New Mutants. They have a lot of single issues after this, which you can find on Marvel Unlimited and go from there. Then the line sadly ends :( 

Age of X is another crossover event that’s pretty much like an alternate universe. It has no big impact on any of the characters, so this is really up to you whether or not you want to read this one. 

Next comes another crossover event: X-Men Schism. It basically just tells you which X-Men are going to side with Wolverine and who will side with Cyclops for AvX (see below). P.S. I really liked this one! Almost more than AvX, so even though it could be optional, I’d say it gives you great insight before going into AvX. 

You can read Avengers vs. X-Men next which is a HUGE crossover event and everything after it really just revamped all the marvel lines. Expect lots of action and less character development, but what happens in AvX leads to all lines getting revamped (and the end of New Mutants lines). So it’s pretty important to read, kind of like House of M. 

If you’re just like, I want to read about Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Kitty Pryde and not worry about all that other stuff from up above. Then New Mutants / New X-Men might not be for you. Those comics focus on lesser-known mutants that really aren’t on any movie screens. So you’ll want to start with the NEWEST X-Men stuff (Marvel Now), which is the easiest to jump into and where Krista began reading. 

All New X-Men: Start with Volume 1 and continue on to Volume 2, etc. - I really like this series, and Uncanny X-Men (2013) ties into it – and Uncanny gives you a different perspective on the happenings in All-New X-Men. Both are great to read side-by-side. All New X-Men & Uncanny will reference events that happened throughout the X-Men timeline, which is why it’s better to start at the beginning. Do you have to? Nope. It’s easy to start here or maybe even right at AvX – Marvel revamped the whole universe just for that reason, so you can pick this up and not be lost.

Others that are really easy to jump into without reading anything from above… (You can literally start with any of these titles below. They’ll make complete sense without reading anything else because they introduce you to the characters for the first time.)

X-23: start with Innocence Lost volume and then Target X – this is Laura Kinney’s origins, who’s part of the New X-Men. She’s awesome, badass, and this series will make you cry. You can read it at anytime. Be careful because Marjorie Liu picks up this series (titled the same) but Laura is older so it’s not her origins but following X-23 after the events of Second Coming. I’d suggest reading the big X-Men line that I listed up above and then you can move onto and Marjorie Liu’s X-23 series. 

Avengers Academy: Volume 1 and on. It has a great premise and some of the characters end up in Avengers Arena (the Hunger Games premise thing) and so it’s great to read before reading that one. 

Young Avengers (2005): Volume 1. This is soooo good. Like really, really good. It has two young teenage boys who actually fall in love. It’s adorable. 
Runaways can be included to this list! It’s a great comic to start, completely addicting and a total fan favorite. 

Those are my suggestions. I didn’t link everything, but you can find all the paperbacks by typing in the titles into Amazon. Like I said, if you’re confused at all and feel overwhelmed, the easiest place to get the feel for comics is simply All New X-Men. The New Mutants / New X-Men may be the most confusing, but it’s the most rewarding because the stories and characters are just so damn good and it’ll take you through years of X-Men history.

I hope you do end up reading something. And if you do, don’t hesitate to chat with me about them! If you want really new stuff, you might want to send us an ask. Comics are constantly evolving and starting over after big events, so by the time you jump in, All-New X-Men might be much older than it is when I originally posted this. 

UPDATE: Okay, I have to include these photos, which I found online which are the squadrons for New X-Men: Academy X (the beginning) where they introduce all these new characters like Hellion and company. Basically they’re split up into 5 squads with one “advisor” who is an older X-Men (like Emma Frost, Dani Moonstar, etc), and it’s just all good school yard cliques and fun. (Click the link to see the image: Alphas SquadronThe ParagonsThe CorsairsThe New MutantsThe Hellions

Even though New Mutants squad is clearly going to be the “favorites” they do show tons of character development with the other squads, especially with Pixie, Hellion, Loa, Anole, the Cuckoos, Indra, Wither, Dust, Mercury, and Rockslide. 

This is what sold me on New X-Men and why I was so giddy all the way through.

2. ​Reading Order for New Mutants & New X-Men

We LOVE helping new comic readers dig into X-Men lines – because honestly, there is nothing better than X-Men! (Yep, we’re totally biased, but it’s our biggest love when it comes to comic books!) 

This is Becca here *waves!* I think starting with Uncanny & All-New is a great idea – and it’s exactly what Krista did. So when you go back to the older comics to read the other lines, here’s the order I’d suggest. (These are the lines I started with.) It’s going to seem confusing, but I’ll try to explain it as best as possible! 

NEW MUTANTS (dani moonstar, karma, magik, cannonball, sunspot, magma, cypher, warlock – anyone else other than these characters are really considered New X-Men, and they are heavily introduced in the next comics as the New Mutants come back to school to help teach the younger generation. If you want to read New Mutants prior to this point, it’s vintage 90s comics, and I wouldn’t be much help directing you because I haven’t read them.) 

Begin here: 

  1. New Mutants Vol 1: Back to School - issues #1-7 

  2. New Mutants Vol 2 - issues #8-13 (this was hard to find on Amazon, but you can read all thirteen of these issues on Marvel Unlimited, which I linked.) 

NEW X-MEN (hellion, x-23, wallflower, wither, wind dancer, surge, prodigy, icarus, and more – now it’s all about the younger generation for a while while the new mutants teach them alongside the original gens cyclops & emma frost. This is the first time most of these mutants have ever been introduced. In my long recs post, I have images from New X-Men with all the squads at the bottom.)

Continue on:

  1. New X-Men: Academy X Vol 1: Choosing Sides - issues #1-6

  2. New X-Men: Academy X Vol 2: Haunted - issues #7-11

  3. New X-Men: Hellions - issues #1-4

  4. New X-Men: Academy X Vol 3: X-Posed - issues #12-15 + Yearbook Special #1

  5. House of M - crossover event! Only a handful of these issues inside the paperback will pertain to New X-Men but you’ll need to read the whole story to understand the plot. 

  6. House of M: New X-Men Academy X - issues #16-19

  7. New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol 1 - issues #20-23

  8. New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol 2: Crusade - issues #24-27

  9. New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol 3: Nimrod - issues #28-32

  10. New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol 4: Mercury Falling - issues #33-36

  11. New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol 5: Quest for Magik - issues #37-43

  12. Messiah Complex - crossover event! Which includes issues of New X-Men #44-46

all on Marvel unlimited: an alternate and a much cheaper option to trade paperbacks - all #1-46 issues of New X-Men + yearbook special #1 here 

BACK TO NEW MUTANTS – the New X-Men lines end for good. As you read the X-Men lines in order from here, you might be able to see one or two pop up in different places, but I’d suggest reading on with New Mutants bc these characters are top-notch. 

Continue on: 

  1. New Mutants: Return of Legion - issues #1-5

  2. New Mutants: Necrosha - issues #6-11

  3. X-Necrosha - crossover event! Which has all the issues you need to understand Necrosha, including New Mutants issues #6-8

  4. X-Men: Second Coming - crossover event! If you love New X-Men, you’ll love this one. It includes New Mutants issues #12-14.

  5. New Mutants: Fall of the New Mutants - issues #15-21 

  6. X-Men: Age of X - crossover event! Which includes New Mutants #22-24

  7. New Mutants: Unfinished Business - issues #25-28

  8. Fear Itself: Wolverine/New Mutants - mini event! Which includes New Mutant issues #29-32

  9. New Mutants: A Date with the Devil - issues #33-37

  10. New Mutants: De-Animator - issues #38-41

  11. Journey Into Mystery/New Mutants: Exiled - mini event! Which includes New Mutant issues #42-43

  12. New Mutants: Fight the Future - issues #44-50

- on Marvel unlimited issues #1-32 of New Mutants and issues #33-50 of New Mutants

And then the New Mutants line ends, and you’ll go straight into Avengers Vs. X-Men which will lead you into All New X-Men (2012) and then Uncanny X-Men (2013) 

Hope this helps! Happy reading :) 

Comic #2

3. Reading Order for All-New X-Men & Uncanny X-Men

I looked at the publishing dates on Marvel Unlimited and read them according to which issue was published first, but there’s an amazing comic guide about X-Men (particularly the structure of these 2012-2015 lines) that Krista recently found.

Here’s their recommendation for the reading order between All New X-Men & Uncanny X-Men:

All-New X-Men #1-15
Uncanny X-Men (v3) #1-11
Battle of the Atom Crossover
All New X-Men #18-21
The Trial of Jean Grey Crossover
All New X-Men #25-37
Uncanny X-Men #14 – 35
All-New X-Men #40 – 41
Uncanny X-Men #600

If you don’t like space, then you don’t have to read all of the Trial of Jean Grey. You could just read the tie-ins, but it won’t have much of conclusion if you do this bc crossovers are meant to be read as a whole event. 

Comic #3

4. Reading Order for X-23 / Laura Kinney Comics

If you’ve read her origin story (Innocence Lost and then Target X) + the New X-Men reading guide, then there’s still lots more X-23 you can read :) 
Right after Messiah Complex crossover event: 

X-FORCE - black ops team that deals with threats too dangerous for the X-Men to handle. X-23 is the first member to join the team! 

  1. X-Force Vol 1: Angels and Demons - issues #1-6 

  2. X-Force Vol 2: Old Ghosts - issues #7-11

  3. X-Force Vol 3: Not Forgotten - issues #12-13 & #17-20

  4. X-Force/Cable: Messiah War - issues #14-16

  5. X-Force: Necrosha - issues #21-25

  6. X-Necrosha - crossover event! To really understand X-Force: Necrosha, you’ll want to read the whole event, which includes issues of X-Force #21-25.

  7. X-Men: Second Coming - crossover event! Which includes issues of X-Force #26-28

- alternatively, on Marvel Unlimited issues #1-28 of X-Force or you can also buy 2 volumes instead of the slimmer ones above. X-Force Complete Volume 1 collects issues #1-13 and X-Force Complete Volume 2 collects issues #14-25. 

Continue on after Second Coming: 

X-23 - solo adventures! She has her own solo line that comes after the fallout of Second Coming. She’s written by someone different here than the other comics (Christopher Yost & Craig Kyle). This one is by Marjorie Liu. 

  1. X-23 Vol 1: Killing Dream - issues #1-6

  2. Daken / X-23: Collision - issues #7-9

  3. X-23 Vol 2: Chaos Theory - issues #10-16

  4. X-23 Vol 3: Don’t Look Back - issues #17-21

- on Marvel Unlimited issues #1-21 of X-23

This is where it gets a little bit more complicated since she’s used more as a secondary character than a lead one. I believe she’s in X-Men: Regenesis and then moved to Avengers Academy where she competes in the Avengers Arena. 

AVENGERS ARENA - basically Hunger Games. If you don’t know the cast of the Runaways or Avengers Academy, I’d say that Avengers Arena might not be that satisfying for you. You need to already be invested in a large part of the cast before reading that series - or else you won’t really care what happens to them. 

  1. Avengers Arena - issues #1-18 on Marvel Unlimited

Continue on: 
ALL-NEW X-MEN (2012) + UNCANNY X-MEN (2013) - Laura becomes part of the cast early on in All-New, and Krista and I would highly suggest reading Uncanny alongside. Our guide to reading them side-by-side. 

  1. All-New X-Men - issues #1-41 on Marvel Unlimited 

  2. Uncanny X-Men - issues #1-35 + #400 on Marvel Unlimited 

Then things happen in the Marvel Universe with a crossover event called Secret Wars (not very many X-Men are featured in this, so it’s not required reading) - and then all the lines are rejuvenated once again. And guess what, Laura is now Wolverine! 
Which brings us to: 

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE - as I write this post, this is currently ongoing and may not appear on Marvel Unlimited for quite some time. But it features Laura Kinney  100%. 

1. All-New Wolverine - issues #1-11 (ongoing!) and two issues are currently on Marvel Unlimited. More will appear in time. 

Now that you’re all caught up, you can also purchase digital comics, set up a subscription so the newest issues appear on your doorstep, or buy single issues (this is a good site if you prefer this option; we’ve used it many times before).  

Comic #4

5. ​How to Read Comics: Crossover Events vs Non-Crossover Events

​After writing my comic book recommendation guide for first time readers, I’ve realized that there’s something that first time readers may trip over. Crossovers. These are way more frequent than they used to be, and in fact, when I first started reading comics, I started by jumping into a crossover event, which was a little jarring – but I had no clue where else to start. I didn’t even know how to read things besides crossovers. So this is where I breakdown what a crossover is and how to read comics outside of it. 


I’m going to start big (and you may be like “duh” on some of this, but other people might not understand as much). The comic book universe begins with Marvel or DC (whichever brand you prefer. I like Marvel, so we’ll start here). 

Marvel then has different superheroes with their own comic book lines. The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, etc. These all exist in the same world, Earth-616 unless you’ve stumbled upon an alternate universe. Alternate universes do not tie into the main continuity line – meaning that relationships may be different, characters may be changed, stuff is weird and that weirdness on slim occasion trickles into Earth-616 and becomes canon (part of the real universe). But this is rare and usually when a character in an alternate universe is so badass and awesome that they want to bring them into Earth-616 and keep ‘em around for good. If you’re reading an alternate universe, be aware of it! Or else it may confuse you when you jump between Earth-616 and such. (This happened to me.) All Ultimates comics are alternate universes. 

We’re going to look specifically at the X-Men universe within Marvel. Now, X-Men has multiple comic book lines that focus on different groups of X-Men. These lines change names, depending on publication and issues that are cancelled. So lines I mention may not exist anymore but they did once upon a time. Here are some lines: New X-Men, New Mutants, X-Force, Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Men: Legacy, and just plain X-Men. 

By following these comic book lines issue-by-issue, you’re focusing on a core group of characters. My favorite lines were (so sad they were cancelled!) New X-Men and New Mutants. They focused on the younger generation of X-Men. Avengers has their own lines like this called Young Avengers and an older line called Avengers Academy. 


Digitally, you can read the issues very easily since they go in order New Mutants #1, #2, #3, etc. I have recommendations and links to digital comics in my recommendation guide (linked above). But if you want to read multiple lines at the same time, this is possible too. For instance: All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men (2014) run in conjunction together. It’s like having the tv shows The Flash & Arrow from the CW run parallel to each other. The viewers know that those characters exist in the same time as each other, even if they don’t show up in viewing. Something that happens in Uncanny X-Men may affect something that happens in All New X-Men during certain issues. That’s why it’s really fun to read both at the same time. You get different perspectives of same events. 

DO you have to read them at the same time? Nope! This is optional. But you could, in fact, read ALL of the X-Men lines at the same time to get the best and broadest view of the X-Men universe and what’s happening in their world. 


A crossover event will take all of these lines: New X-Men, New Mutants, X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, etc. and combine them to form one mega story. It’s like a television crossover event with The Flash & Arrow or Chicago PD & Chicago Fire. In order to understand the crossover event, you HAVE to read every issue pertaining to the event, not just the line you like reading. That way the whole thing will make sense to you and you don’t accidentally jump into the middle. 

Also in giant crossovers, they’ll combine more than just X-Men. You could see Fantastic Four, Avengers, Spider-Man, etc issues pop up. You’d need to read these too.

Popular crossover events in X-Men: House of M, Second Coming, Avengers vs. X-Men (there are tons!) 

How do you read these properly? Buying a trade paperback is the easiest way. It’ll have every issue for you in correct order. If you’re reading digitally, you’ll need to find the name of each issue in the right order. I usually will go onto Amazon, look at the trade paperback and see which issues are in it. Then I’ll find them digitally and read in that order. 

Art changes from different lines, so when you read crossovers, it’s totally normal for some of the issues to “look” different because you’re switching artists throughout. 

So this is it! I’ve only written a big post like this one other time, and this may be my last one. But I think this will be helpful for anyone who’s never picked up a comic book before :) Happy reading!

Comic #5

6. Krista's Comic Book Recommendations

​I’m a more recent comic book reader, and I was really lucky enough to have Becca walk me through it. I’ll go ahead and explain how I started reading comics, since it differs from Becca’s experience. 

Intro: Becca lists some fantastic older X-Men comics in her guide (and when I mean older, I’m talking about early 2000s – so really not that old in the grand scheme of things). These include Runaways, Avengers Academy, New Mutants/New X-men etc. 

Becca has tried her very best to get me to read her favorite X-men comic – New Mutants. But let me tell you, coming from someone who started reading comics in 2013, that whole line is daunting. It’s long. It’s big. And I, personally, think it’s pretty difficult to jump into at first. Becca will disagree and tell you that if you have to read anything from X-Men, read New Mutants. 

Where I Started: My first ever real attempt at reading a comic line was All-New X-Men Volume 1. The whole “All-New” line is specifically geared for first-time readers that want to have a starting point in the X-Men world. It’s insanely easy to jump into and follow along without a comic book guru like Becca (luckily I had her too). 

One of my favorite things about this line is that it includes the original X-men (Jean Grey, Iceman, Cyclops, Beast, and Angel) and have them time travel to the future to meat up with their “future” selves. It’s really interesting and you get to see the dynamics of the original 5 without reading the older comics. 

What I Read Next: All-New X-Men is parallel in the timeline with X-Men and Uncanny X-Men. Immediately, I picked them both up and devoured them. It’s like diving into the spin-off stories and seeing the whole world come into focus. 

X-Men focuses on the girls group during that time. It has Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, and more in it. Love the girl power! Then you have Uncanny X-men which really focuses on a brooding Cyclops. Since Cyclops is my favorite, this one ranks high for me. 

And then I went backwards: After I caught up the current comics in both lines, I took Becca’s advice and revisited some of her favorites. Young Avengers was absolutely amazing with one of my all time favorite ships between Wiccan and Teddy. 

Right Now: I’m finally starting the daunting (but so worth it) task of reading New Mutants. I have read certain comics in the line (just my fav characters) but I’ve never actually started from the beginning and read in order. I’m with Becca – the characters in this are phenomenal. But after reading the other comics first, I have a better understanding of the world. Does this mean you have to start where I did? 
Of course not. 

You can choose your own path. I do, however, HIGHLY recommend reading Becca’s guide and also her crossover explanation (both are above on this page). When I stumbled upon a crossover, I was so incredibly confused, but luckily my comic book guru was there to hold my hand :) 

Comic #6

7. Intro into X-Men Blue & X-Men Gold

These are the most current lines (as I'm typing this) of the X-Men comics. After X-Men vs. Inhumans, Marvel rebooted the X-Men lines once again. And honestly, this is probably the easiest point to start the X-Men comics. While there's not as many available on Marvel Unlimited, it's a pretty easy entry point into the whole universe. 

The X-Men are split up into different "teams" and the main ones are X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold. Each features different characters. There's also solo lines (Jean Grey, Iceman) that you can read along side it. 

X-Men Blue: Vol 1. 
X-Men Gold: Vol 1. 

Here's a really great reading order from another site that lists out the X-Men RessurXion period. What they're referring to when they call it RessurXion is every X-Men line after the events that happened in X-Men vs. Inhumans (the crossover event). If you'd like to read the comics that led up to X-Men vs. Inhumans, they're call the All-New All-Different X-Men lines and you can check out the reading order here and once you're finished with that, check out the reading order for the crossover event X-Men vs Inhumans.

Personally (Krista here), the events in X-Men vs. Inhumans are pretty exciting, so I would suggest reading the All-New All-Different then the XvsI crossover and then start on Blue and Gold. HOWEVER, if you're brand new to comics, it's totally okay to start with Blue and Gold and work backwards once you're caught up on the new stuff. Because crossovers and reboots can be SUPER daunting and confusing if you're new. At least, it was for me!

Comic #7
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