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The Secret Ex-Boyfriend


​Some love is infinite

Barely anyone knows our secret.
We were more than teenage friends.
More than just two employees of the same Vegas acrobatic company. 

And then we broke Aerial Ethereal’s biggest rule together.

We’ve been paying the price ever since. 

Corporate won’t let me see her. Or speak to her. And we painfully signed on the dotted line in agreement. Erasing our secret relationship from existence. 

Now I’m twenty, and I hate Corporate. But I can’t leave. My family makes up one-third of Aerial Ethereal’s cast list. 

I love them.
(And I still love her.) 


Luka is back.

My undeniably hot secret ex-boyfriend was just shifted to the Vegas show Infini. We’re working together again on a show that means too much to me. 

No distractions. Even if the sexy, rebellious boy with hidden troubles completely stole my teenage heart.

Aerial Ethereal demands he remains my tragic secret.

This book was previously published with the title Infini.

More Details

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
Original Publication Date: January 31st, 2017
Recommended for: 18+
POVs: Luka Kotova, Baylee Wright

also in the Circus Is Family series 

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