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Charming Like Us


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As the hottest bodyguard on Security Force Omega, Oscar Oliveira has no trouble finding a warm body at any odd hour. But he's ready for more.
And for the first time in this ex-pro boxer's life, he just got rejected. For a kiss.
Oscar's friends warned him not to fall for the straight guy, but flirty, sexy-as-hell Jack Highland made that difficult. Now Jack has Oscar's sweater. His belt. His bandana. And Oscar seriously wants them back.
As for Jack – well, Jack wants a lot of things.
But for the first time in this confident filmmaker's life, he's absolutely 100%... confused. Add another ultra-complication in a sea of complicated: Enter Charlie Cobalt.
The enigmatic famous one that Oscar is sworn to protect wants his own show, and he's asked Jack to film it. A Charlie-centric docuseries will force Oscar & Jack to share the same air again.
Option 1: Ignore each other.
Option 2: Flirt, aw yeah. And act like the rejection never happened.
Option 3: Confront each other about the rejected kiss.
With options on the table and their romantic lives unsettled, both Jack & Oscar are concerned about why Charlie wants his own show. And the longer filming lasts, the more tumultuous their personal & professional worlds become.
Chaos reigns when you're around the Cobalts, and Jack & Oscar are swept up among the most destructive one.


Series: Like Us #7
Genre:  M/M Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2020
Recommended for: 18+
POVs: Oscar Oliveira, Jack Highland


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Special Edition

Illustrated Paperback & Hardcover with
bonus content!

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Original Paperback

Original Paperback
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