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Bad Reputation


Everyone knows the Hales. Mega-rich and salaciously famous.
No one knows shy, quiet Willow Moore.

Until she makes one daring move that changes her world forever.
At seventeen, Willow moves across the country to connect with her famous older brother, Loren Hale. Before she can even say hello, she runs into the teenager who’s been vandalizing Loren’s house with his group of delinquent friends.

Garrison Abbey is off-limits.
As decreed by her very protective older brother.

But if he’s so awful, then why is he so friendly to her? Willow can’t help but be drawn to the mysterious boy next door.

He has a bad reputation.
She’s yet to carve one of her own.

The more their paths cross, the more Willow realizes maybe…just maybe they’re exactly what each other needs. 
Bad Reputation is a collector’s edition of Willow & Garrison’s romance. It contains:

  • TWO NOVELS (Whatever It Takes and Wherever You Are) in chronological order.

  • A READING GUIDE to read along with the Addicted/Calloway Sisters Series.

  • BONUS CHAPTERS not found in the duet.

If you have not met Willow and Garrison yet, we highly recommend starting with Whatever It Takes. 


Series: Bad Reputation Duet #1-2
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Original Publication Date: March 2022
Recommended for: 18+
POVs: Garrison Abbey, Willow Moore


If I've already read Whatever It Takes and Wherever You Are, should I read Bad Reputation
That's completely up to you! Overall, it mostly has the same content except for the extra bonus chapters. But we think this is definitely a new reading experience, since it's told in a chronological timeline. It's more of a "slow burn," since much of the book takes place during Willow and Garrison's high school days, and the angst is definitely high! 

What if I haven't read Whatever It Takes or Wherever You Are? Should I read those books before reading Bad Reputation
If you've never met Garrison and Willow before, we highly recommend starting out with the individual books (Whatever It Takes and Wherever You Are) in the duet. We believe it's a more fast-paced and enjoyable reading experience for those new to Garrison and Willow's romance. However, if you've met this couple in the Addicted books already, you can choose which reading experience you'd prefer -- the duet or the collector's edition. 

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